Wedding Picture Villain

Well, I had a very lovely wedding day. We were surrounded by everyone we knew and loved, and felt their love for us. It was amazingly beautiful. There was drumming, and my husband looked fabulous, and frankly so did I . . . and what’s that, you ask? You want to see pictures?

I would totally share pictures, because we took a ton of wedding pictures with our fantastic Digital SLR Canon . . . but someone stole the memory card out of the camera before it was returned to us. This means = no pictures. They’re gone. Some evil, nefarious thief plucked the CF card right out of it, and by the time we got the camera back the next day (yes, we left it there, but we knew everybody – we thought!) there were no pictures to look at.

As soon as I get pictures from everyone else who was there, I can share them.

Until then, I wish for the thief to be plagued with misfortune until the pictures are returned . . . yeah, like that’ll happen. :-(

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  1. hiccups

    This is Hiccups Hudson from SL:
    Congratulation to your wedding. I LOVE your singing and your songs. I would be happy if you would sing the song “Feeling good” by Michael Buble at some time when im at one of your great and funny concerts. :)

    All the best to you and your husband. :)
    regards, hiccups.

    PS: thanks for the hugs. ^^

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