1. Sarah

    OMG Carol, you are absolutely right. School is very over rated. I’m sorry things didn’t work out, but you made the right choice there. What you write is a lot of times what I’m thinking. I’m going through a lot of the same struggle as you are. Like people tell me, keep doing your thing. Follow your ambitions, and absolutely go with your first instict! You’re right, do what you love and if people like what you create, all the better. If they don’t, who gives a shit! The most important thing is that you enjoy life, live it! All the best to you! Take care…

  2. Thanks, Sarah! It feels even better when people come out to agree with you. So I definitely appreciate that. The school system developed into this emotionless sort of entity, and I’ve always had issues with it – going so far as to write essays on how wrong I thought our cookie-cutter system was. Trades used to be learned through apprenticeship and a real desire to not just learn the trade, but to being working at it at the same time. Grr, don’t get me started but yay, glad you agree! <3

  3. Sarah

    Hey Carol! I agree again. There are so many professions where you don’t need to go to school to become part of it. I agree with apprenticeships and learning by working. I know people that went to these big fancy colleges and got their masters in the professions and they can’t even get a job doing it. I met this older lady through a mutual friend. The lady came off as just braging about studying art in florence and creating art for years and being so art educated and etc. I usually don’t like to criticize other people’s work, but looking at her work, I had more artistic talent when I was 7 then she ever has. Anyway, what I’m saying is I could have skipped film school in Miami, moved to California and I would have presently been working in the film business right now. School is so over rated. I believe in education through life and learning by working in the field of your choice and apprenticeships. I detest the thought of ever spending money on college tuition again. I rather work at McDonald’s then ever go back to college. Although, I also believe that everything happens for a reason. So the road I’ve taken in life and where I’m at right now I believe was all planned out already. By the way, I absolutely love your work with the Poly Clay! Girl, it is off the chain. Keep it up. Can’t wait to see more. Take care…

  4. Elaine

    I remember a book titled “How to make a living without getting a job” that addressed this same issue of cookie cutter life/jobs. You might find it interesting.

  5. Sarah

    Hey Carol,

    Do you know what the best clay would be to sculpt with? One more question. I told you that I paint and create a lot of different art. Do you have any idea how I would find a way to show my work? I’ve been asking all my friends and no one can tell me, because no one I know is an artist. I have so much work sitting in my storage and everyone ask me why I’m not doing anything with it. I tell them, if you can tell me how to do something with it, then I would. LOL Just wanted to know if you had any insight into that.

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