Santa Fe Comic Con 2015

This was my first year attending the new Comic Con in Santa Fe. Brought to you by the same company as the Albuquerque Comic Con, which I have attended several times, and twice now as a vendor! It goes without saying that we sure had a good time at this one. Here’s a quick clip of what my table looked like!

I want to thank everyone who came by my girly little table and said nice things about my work, and especially to those who purchased items from me. I truly appreciate the support. Though I’m loath to confess a bit of my personal life, things have been exceedingly difficult this year, and I don’t think I would have been as successful as I have been without the help of some very good, kind, and compassionate friends. This explains why I haven’t updated this website since February. I was forced to move out from my home of seven years, and find my own way. Why this has happened is perhaps too sensitive to share. All I can say is that life happens, and everyone is on their own side.

Due to this, I found myself scrambling to make do over the summer and floundering a bit, as life is wont to do. This year has yielded some extraordinary opportunities, however, and if it hadn’t been for a little tragedy, I might have never found them.

Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 070While I have been ensconced in Taos these last seven years, an opportunity to work in film in costumes – in Albuquerque – has proven itself to be very attractive. I got my first chance to try this new thing over August and September. I worked as a Costume PA (production assistant), which is how costumers enter into such a business to learn the ropes. The hours were very long, and tiresome, but amazingly I found the energy to run around for 12 hours or more, 5-6 days a week for four and a half weeks. And I enjoyed myself! The people are wonderful, caring, and creative, and I couldn’t ask for a better career. While I look toward becoming more regular in this field, I plan to attend a few conventions as a Lolita vendor and advocate of alternative fashion. ^.^

I still intend to produce unique pieces of clothing as a seamstress and indie designer as well. I have been more inspired lately than ever, and I really hope to tap into that energy to be more prolific in my work.

Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 008

Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 109Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 110

Things I sell: Basic Lolita clothing (blouses, skirts, JSKs, loungewear) – jewelry – eye makeup products and eyelashes – hosiery – hair accessories. Find me @ Storenvy!

I love eyelashes, and Dolly Wink are my favorites, but they are pretty expensive. Two pairs for $18 – $20! So I found some unknown brand that I tried first, and found the quality to be very much the same to Dolly Wink’s fine fibers, with a fine lash band as well. And guess what – you get FIVE pairs of them! They feel just as light and last just as long. YEGZ eyelashes are sold for $10 from my booth. I also carry some Japanese styles as well, and while those are slightly more expensive, you still get 5 pairs of them for the price. Not bad, huh?

I have a special pack as well from my booth. Mascara and eyeliner, your choice of eyelashes, and BB Cream (1, 2, or 3 tone), altogether for $25.

MB Products 117 (1024x676)MB Products 079 (1024x683)

That eyeliner is a brand called Ling Mei. Again, I test everything before I sell it. I found this eyeliner to be long lasting, really bold and dark, lasts all day, is water resistant, and has beautiful packaging. I tell everyone that I’ve had the same one for two years and it’s still going! (and you can revive things like eyeliner and mascara with a little contact solution! Hey!) It’s also 2-in-1 with a gel pencil top, and liquid pot bottom:

MB Products 062 (1024x683)

Best White Tights Ever!

I sell something I like to call the Best White Tights Ever! If you’re into Lolita, maybe you don’t like wearing knee-highs or thigh-highs like me. Maybe they’re really uncomfortable. Maybe they keep falling down. Maybe it’s winter where you live and it’s too cold for such things!

New White Tights 2014 January_smI sell really thick, white tights made for adult women. They’re ballet style tights, that have the feeling of slight compression and are 200 denier thickness. I find these perfect for winter and really hard to ruin with runs. You can wash them in the washing machine! And they can fit you if you’re tall, or perhaps a little larger figured.

Did I mention they feel amazing on my legs? So smoooooooth….



Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 027

Thank you again for coming by! And for attending this year’s convention in Santa Fe! Here are all the lovely pictures I took of some great costumes, young and youngish. :) Hopefully we’ll see some of you again at the next convention we’ll be attending, ConJikan! We’ll be hosting a Lolita 101 panel, and a tea party!

Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 115Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 116Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 014Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 015Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 016Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 017Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 018Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 019Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 020Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 021Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 023Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 024Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 025Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 026Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 030Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 031Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 032Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 036Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 037Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 038Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 039Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 040Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 041Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 043Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 044Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 045Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 047Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 048Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 050Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 053Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 055Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 056Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 074Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 075Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 076Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 077Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 078Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 079Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 080Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 082Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 083Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 092Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 093Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 094Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 095Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 098Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 099Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 100Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 101Santa Fe Comic Con 2015 102


  1. Jennifer

    Did you break up with Dean? I have been following your websites and you tube videos for awhile now. Your Comic Con convention post mentions you had to leave your home of 7 years.
    I am sorry to hear this. I myself have been in love with Dean Stockwell the actor for years. I

    • Hi, Jennifer. I was forced to break up with Dean by his family. That’s the short version of the story. He is currently unwell, and they took advantage of his frailty and failing health to remove me from his life. Even if things became a little different in the end, we still loved each other immensely. Being driven away by his family has been the single most hurtful thing in my life, and I’m still doing my best to cope. Thank you for your support and concern. I wish I could tell you how he is, but I have been blocked completely. It’s nice to know that good people out there still care, however.

  2. Allie

    Hi Carol,

    I was also very sad to hear about this because I could tell that you were both happy and very much in love.

    I wish you all the best!

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