The Best White Tights Ever

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Beautiful, soft, thick white tights for adult women.

Reason for the price? They will literally last you years. They are machine washable tights (holy frijoles!). They’re so thick, they haven’t run on me yet.

Winter 200D, Spring 120D

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Content: Spandex, Nylon
Mid-waist pantyhose

Historically, and especially in Victorian times, fine hosiery was made from silk, and also linen, wool, and cotton. Traditional colors worn by women were white, and sometimes black (among others, of course).

Lolita fashion being inspired by Victorian fashions, I wanted to offer high quality stockings in white, for the Sweet and Classic look. These are 200 Denier, which means they are VERY thick, and also very supportive!

Typical sheer hosiery starts at 20D, and go up to semi-opaque at around 80D. 200D means they are super opaque white, and also quite well suited for autumn and winter.

These are very stretchy, and will fit a Tallita up to around 5’9″ / ~150 lbs.

Some reviews from some lovely Loli friends:

“I’m pretty tall (5’7.5″) and my thighs are pretty big (which is a problem when it comes to most tights) but those things weren’t a problem whatsoever. These tights are thick and stretch surprisingly well. They’re great for when I have sore muscles! They compress and are also thick enough to provide warmth when it’s cold. If anyone is looking to buy white tights, I suggest getting these. Seriously, especially if you live someplace cold and need to wear layers at a time, these would be perf for you.”

— Nina

“Upon taking them out of the package, the first thing I am struck with is the thickness of them. These aren’t the flimsy “fashion” tights that most of us are accustomed to. These are like the tights that professional dancers wear. (And which should be a required part of every fancy dress/cosplay outfit in my opinion, but that’s another subject.)

Putting them on, they were stretchy enough that I was able to get them all the way up my 33″ inseam without trouble. No Hammer pants! Yay! Their thickness makes them semi-opaque and very supportive. The control level isn’t quite like a body-shaping garment but it was close. They definitely minimize things jiggling around.

I clock in at 130 pounds, give or take five, and my opinion is that they may be too tight to be truly comfortable on anyone much heavier than that or who has really muscular legs.”

— Rebecca

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Winter 200D, Spring 120D


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