Feeling Lazy . . . kinda

So, again, I fail to surprise myself with not really keeping up the blog thing like I said I was going to try to do. Ugh, so I haven’t posted anything since August.

You know, I’ll be honest; I really hate talking about myself. It’s kind of the same way I really hate listening to my songs (unless I’m being completely over-critical of myself and therefore will listen with morbid curiosity and disdain), or looking at pictures of myself . . . It’s all the same. I try to avoid seeming being vain, I guess. Sure, maybe sometimes when no one’s looking, I’ll take a little longer look in the mirror, trying to decide if I’m actually someone to be considered “pretty” or not. . .

I settle for knowing I’m not ugly, instead. Calling myself pretty makes me a little uncomfortable.

So stuff like that. I ask myself, “Who would want to read ridiculous, inane things that happen to you in a blog that’s barley even known to exist by your own friends, anyway?”

The answer? “Good question . . .”

But for shits and giggles, I’ll do a little bloggy thing right now:

I’ve been taking lessons again with a voice teacher here in Taos. She’s also the conductor of the community choir, which I joined. And I’m taking an additional group voice class on Thursdays, with the same nice lady. So my schedule went from being a derelict bohemian playing video games to working hard as an actual singer three days a week.

Yay, progress.

And even better is that it seems like my new teacher really likes my voice and is very encouraging. She’s even mentioned that since I started only about a month and a half ago, I’ve already improved. Now I just have to work on recordings so I can post them up here and share them with . . . whoever . . .