1. Ooohh that is purty! And hey, having a variety of creative interests isn’t a bad thing. There are worse things we could be doing with our time… atleast with this we’re making beautiful things that we can share with others. :)

    I love Pearl Orchid, and while I disagree that the charm looks gaudy, atleast this way you still have it to stitch the design again if you ever felt like it.
    Then again, getting a hold of the specialty silk might be a problem, but with the range of amazing silks out there I am sure it won’t be a problem finding a replacement :)

    Beautiful work btw! I am sure your friends will be stoked to receive it!

  2. Thanks for coming over and taking a look, Zeb! I agree with you, btw… One of my favorite things, besides making pretty stuff, is to give it to friends and seeing they’re reaction to it. Usually it’s a happy one. ^o^

    I just finished making gifts for Xmas; 1 quart Mason jars filled with layered cookie ingredients that my friends can bake themselves. I saw a similar kind of thing before, several years ago, and filed it away to memory until I saw a cookbook in the checkout stand with over 40 recipes to make jars like that. I couldn’t pass it up! ^.^

    Pictures in posts to come of those! (I take pictures of all my projects. heh)

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