I’m sorry it’s been a while

As stated in my last post on this site, I had been in school for two semesters, which didn’t give me a lot of time to do anything related to Lolita fashion or blogging. I went back to school because I was inspired by everyone at the Santa Fe Opera, and all of the apprentices, who were continuing or finished with their education in costume design and technology. It’s not that I needed a piece of paper for validation, but I did want to hone my skills at draping, pattern drafting, and sewing. I’ve done all those things, and even created a collection this last semester!

I’ve been experiencing technical issues with my offline blogging client for this website, however, which has led to some difficulty in trying to post updates. As it stands, I’m looking at redesigning the site while I organize a legitimate business for my designs and products to be sold.

I’m also getting more involved in video tutorial creation using the Gosu Rori and Otome no Sewing pattern books. I finally achieved a setup that I like for proper camera angles and have begun working on the first of what I hope will be a growing series of videos! Questions and comments always welcome, as well as requests for specific tutorials. All my pattern books are archived here: https://misscarolbelle.wordpress.com/

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