Singer’s Nightmare

popehippo_1One thing I’m sure most serious singers can agree on is how incredibly scary it would be to lose one’s voice. The very idea sends shivers down my spine.

Okay, so it’s not quite that dire, but I developed a cough two Fridays ago, and is one of those nasty ones that you still have even though the cold is all gone and you feel like jumping through hoops again. I guess it’s kind of like a runner with a seriously sprained ankle. Even though they might be able to walk on it, they shouldn’t run on it until it’s completely healed.

So I feel just fine, but I’m still coughing. I really really hate canceling shows and not singing for so long, but I checked with some other singer friends and they confirmed my own  suspicions that I shouldn’t even try to sing until the stupid little cough is all gone. Grrr… But they’re right.

You wouldn’t want to hear me right now anyway, ‘cause my voice is kinda scratchy and unpleasant. And that’s no fun. :-(

So, it remains to be seen when I’ll be able to perform again, but hopefully after this week I’ll be back up to snuff. I’m really feeling bad about canceling so many shows, especially at the Elegance Ballroom where Stephano Zapp is probably all kinds of frustrated with me. I finally ended up performing there once, but then canceled a lot due to Real Life circumstances. But that’s how it is, I guess. Real Life is First Life, and First Life comes First.

At least, usually that’s the adopted mindset. There are some nutty exceptions to that which I’ve encountered on occasion. Not often, but people can get miffed for irrational reasons within the Grid. Human nature is weird that way. heh.

Anyway, that’s the update on my health. It sucks, but I am drinking a ton of tea and I continue to love my throat spray called Singer’s Saving Grace. Best. Stuff. Ever. If you’re interested in finding that stuff, you can probably find it at your local whole foods or health food store. Awesome stuff, really. My singer friend called it “warm up in a bottle”, and he’s right!

Blah… chest colds n’ stuff

lemurs1Yeah, I hate reporting this kind of situation, and it’s happened a little too often as of late Sad smile

I have a horrible chest cold, and though I feel miserable, I am at least very glad that I can still breathe out of my nose. Despite this, my throat is still sore and I have a cough that doesn’t help at all with the former. I will not be performing . . . until further notice. I’m really hoping it’s soon, because in all honesty I hate to miss shows. I so love singing, and these minor inconveniences just seem to come up spontaneously.

Well, it IS winter, and I caught this thing just after a hard snow that lasted a couple days.

Anyway, I wanted to explain my situation and express my sincerest apologies to all three of you who read my blog – that I will not be performing for a week or so, or until further notice. I’m taking some Chinese medicine called Yin Chiao that my dad recommended, and I’m waiting to see if it works.

This might mean I’ll miss the finals of the Visage Nightclub Sing Off and I feel sad. I guess I’ll just have to explain what’s going on. I’m okay with it. Not sure if they’ll let me postpone my performance until I’m better, but I’m okay with it if I just have to forfeit. It was fun while it lasted. ^.^ I just don’t like being all icky sick though. Gah!

Chest colds suck!