1. Sarah

    I’m becoming disappointed that you might close your blog. Although, I do understand, do what you got to do. What’s this about Japan next year possibly? HUH! LOL

    • Well, yeah, this blog – but I’ll still be doing my online things. I already opened another blog elsewhere. I’m not disappearing. :)

  2. Sarah

    You and your sister are too funny and those conventions look soooo fun! Maybe one day I’ll get to one. My mom was telling me about the convention in Novi, Michigan. I didn’t even know Michigan had conventions or comic cons. That’s why I left there to begin with because that place is a big yawn!!! Have you ever been to Michigan? What is there to do in Taos?

    • Hey Sarah! Yeah, cons are fun, for the most part, but as I mentioned, going to too many of them is starting to wear on me. Also, I haven’t been to Michigan, but I lived in Wisconsin and went to boot camp for the Navy at Great Lakes, IL… also visited Chicago after graduating. It was all mostly yawn-worthy, so maybe it’s the region?

      • Sarah

        I keep forgetting that you were in the Navy. Carol, you got guys lady. I agree the midwest is totally yawn worthy. I kind of like New York, been there a couple times because that’s where Mike is from. I’m going there again in October. Have you lived in alot of places?
        I don’t blame you for getting tired. It’s easy to get burnt out Carol. Don’t over do it alright.

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