Anticipating changes

I just received a call from my hosting service GoDaddy, informing me that Google has implemented new regulations regarding websites without SSL certification. You might notice that this website doesn’t have a little green lock icon in the URL bar. It’s about $150 to buy the certificate for a three year period.

Having a shop hosted here was an experiment, and it is time to move on to bigger and better things.

I don’t have need of two blogs, so the main “bloggy” type blog that I’ll be using in the future is located directly at with my pattern and sewing archives (Lolita Fashion Sewing and Pattern Archive).

As I get my business of Mode a la Belle legitimized, I’ll most likely be ending my hosting services with GoDaddy and using this web address to redirect to a dedicated online shop. So the address will remain the same, no worries there! But there’s going to be some redesigning in the near future.

Currently I have successfully organized into an LLC and received a federal Tax ID (EIN) . . . woot woot! I have begun the process of working towards having a ready-to-wear collection, but I will still need YOUR help! In order to apply, and be seriously considered, for a business loan, I must raise enough funds for a down payment of 15% of the loan total. Baby steps, however, are essential. I’m currently working on a series of videos showcasing my work process, in a somewhat tutorial-like fashion. Through videos, sample pieces, and commissions, I hope to be able to raise the money I need to expand into ready-to-wear.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, and also what you would like to see more of. If you want to contact me directly, you can do so through my Mode a la Belle Facebook page. I try to keep on top of messages, and I do this best through FB. Although, if FB isn’t your thing, you can also certainly contact me direct through the contact form on this site.

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