Santa Fe Opera Apprenticeship!

I have had quite a busy year so far! First, I briefly worked at the local movie theater to get through the winter, which was actually pretty fun and I made friends I wouldn’t have made other wise. Then a friend brought to my attention the potential opportunity to work at the Santa Fe Opera – in some capacity. She seemed convinced that I had enough skill that I could definitely go for that, or some other more advanced sewing/costuming venture. She even suggested going to New York to try my luck out there. But I thought it best to play it safe and stay local for now.

The opera sounded perfect! I had no idea what it would entail. Nor was I aware of just how prestigious it was to be accepted into their ranks. Even as just an apprentice. I sent an application with my portfolio, resume, and cover letter back in February. From then on, I was on pins and needles waiting for a call, an email, . . . something! I was nervous about calling and following up on the status of my application, unsure if it was kosher to do that. I’m very, very lucky to have a good friend that has been contracted by the opera for costumes for many years now. Not only did she let me put her down as a reference, but she even sent a personal message to the people in charge of hiring, and spoke highly of me and my work. I was thrilled, and forever grateful to her! I’m pretty sure that without that, I don’t think I would have made it past the thousands of other applicants (thousands!).

There are only about 70 positions, and of those only a handful of stitchers – which is what I applied for. But I got in! I was offered an apprenticeship for stitching in the costume department of a very prestigious opera house here in the Southwestern United States.

It’s only a two month contract, starting May 30th to July 30th. I’ll be living in a dorm type situation for the duration, meanwhile the rest of my stuff will be living in a storage unit down in Albuquerque. This means that I’ll be moving out of my house here in Taos and relocating to ABQ after my contract with the Opera ends. So it’ll be quite a chaotic summer, I should think. I’m so sad to be leaving this beautiful house I’ve been living in this past year, but the owners are putting it on the market, and they want us to renew a year lease or move out. It doesn’t make sense to keep it while I’ll be living in Santa Fe. All of this is simply the universe steering me in the direction I need to go.

After the Opera? Who knows! I know I’ll still be sewing and designing. I think I’ve finally accepted it as my main thing. As well as trying my hand at costuming for film and television, which was the other busy thing I ended up doing for most of March and part of April. I worked on a period western, an indie film called Justice. My work actually made it onto the screen too! Talk about exciting.

I’ll still be doing my Lolita designing and sewing, and hopefully I’ll be able to settle down before September so that I can expand my little shop on here.

Starting today, my online shop will be closed and unavailable. My Etsy shop will still be open until the 20th of May, and then it will be in vacation mode until probably sometime in August or September. So this is the post that’s mostly FYI about that, and why. :) Maybe I’ll keep up my adventures at the opera here in my blog. I can’t wait to see what kinds of things I’ll learn while I’m there.

Sabaku Con 2016

Fashion Show

Mode a la Belle - Fashion Show models 3 Mode a la Belle - Fashion Show models 2 Mode a la Belle - Fashion Show models 1






Tea Party

Group Photo - Sabaku Con 2016


Anyway, thanks for reading my blog, everyone! And thanks for all your support! Stay tuned… <3

Modeling Call–Sabaku Con J-Fashion Show

Sabaku Con 2015 018 (1024x683)

This is a little PSA for my peeps handling the J-Fashion show for Sabaku Con in Albuquerque, NM – May 6-8, 2016

The fashion show will be on Friday May 6th, at 7pm in the Yucatan ballroom.

I will be entering some of my own pieces, and would love to have models for them. If you’re a NM local, especially in Albuquerque, I would love to consider you as a model for my work. You must be in attendance for the convention itself to apply.

Information on fashion show registration can be found here on the Sabaku Con official website.

Rules (from the official website)

If you want to enter the fashion show please read the rules below:

  1. Outfits for the fashion show must be associated with or inspired by Japanese street fashion style.
  2. Your outfit can be purchased or handmade or a combination of the two. Just look as fabulous as you can.
  3. Designers are allowed to wear their own outfits or have models wear the outfits. A model should wear no more than 2 outfits during the show.
  4. If you want to model, Poison Sugar is looking for models- please email her at poison.sugar@yahoo.comfor more information.
  5. Please no cosplay. We want to focus on Japanese street fashion, if you want to show a costume please sign up for the masquerade.
  6. Contestants entering the J-Fashion Show may also enter separate outfits for the Masquerade.
  7. Local fashion designers are always welcome in the Jfashion show! If you are a local designer inspired by Japanese culture and clothing and want to showcase your creations and promote yourself in the show please enter! Even if you only do accessories, this is a great way to promote yourself! You will however have to find your own models and get them ready. Being a model does not get you a badge to the con We will not have hair and make-up people on staff.
  8. A maximum of 50 entries total will be allowed for the J-Fashion Show.

Please fill out either the individual or designer form below and email it to


  • Please understand that failure to give a narration by the show date may result in only your entry name being read.
  • We cannot supply specific music for only your walk. You can give us a style of music you would like- all music will be played by an experienced DJ

Registration Form for individual

  • Entrant’s real name:
  • Name you want announced by M.C. or nickname you go by:
  • Email:
  • Over 12: Yes or no?
  • Number of Outfits to be Displayed:
  • Outfit/piece description/title of style:
  • Narration: Please let us know what you want said by the MC when you/your models go on stage. The narration should be about the outfit, design, or style the model is wearing and name you want announced. Please limit the narration to 35 words or less.

Registration Form for Designer

  • Label or brand name:
  • Contact name:
  • Contact Email:
  • Number of Outfits to be Displayed:
  • Description of your style/what Jfashion inspires you: (I don’t need a description of every outfit- just your overall style influence):
  • Narration:

Other Links of Interest

Sabaku Con 2015 013 (1024x683)

Sabaku Con 2015 006 (683x1024)JFashion Show 1J-Fashion Show - Sabaku Con 2013

About Commissions – Communication is key!

(Looks at the title) . . . That’s a lot of “m”s and “s”s . . . :P

So I’ve been getting a lot of commissions lately, and I’m still trying to iron out the best ways to communicate with clients. In this business, it’s imperative that I have as quick of a response or back and forth as I can possibly get, that’s comfortable for the client as well.

So I have several options to get ahold of me if you wish to consult with me about a potential commission.

  • Etsy Conversation
    • – so far, many of my commissions have started here. An app on my phone makes it easy to share photos. However, scrolling through 20+ messages makes this form of communication a little daunting after a while. A good starter tool if you want to begin initial contact and query.
  • Email
    • – Okay, pretty easy, especially if a Paypal invoice has been sent, and the client has no other preferred form of communication. Pictures not so easy to attach from my phone, though.
  • Google Message (Hangouts)
    • – I like this. This is instant and easy, especially if you have a gmail account like a bajillion other people! Always an option here.
  • Skype
    • – Yes, I love Skype! Instant Messaging, photo sharing, and you could voice call, or video call me for free! If you become a client of mine, I can happily share my Skype info with you. I also have my business phone number with Skype.
  • Texting
    • – Kind of a last resort. I don’t usually like sharing my mobile number with just anyone, especially if I don’t know them in person and the relationship is exclusively online. But texting with photos is certainly an option if we want quick messaging with photos, and the above options are not available for you as a client.

How it works

Lace SamplesI have so many patterns, fabrics, and lace choices! One of my favorite things is to pull them out to show a potential client and help them choose the perfect design elements for their dress!

You can take a look at my current pattern catalog here! Forgive me that it’s still an incomplete list. I have SO many patterns, it’s been hard to keep up. But if you’re considering a commission from me, here are some of the many basic options I have. These patterns are not set in stone, and I have the ability to modify just about anything to exactly what you want, can replicate a design element you might have seen somewhere else from another brand, and can make it fit your measurements!

When you order from me, I will be consulting you every step of the way to be sure I’ve got exactly your design in mind during the production process.

I use many different resources for fabric, including (but not limited to) (broadcloth, knits, et al), (Chiffons, georgettes, mesh, tulle – accents), (main fabrics, special design, high quality various) and Also, is another fav of mine for classic Lolita styles.

I also have an account with because they can order from Japanese textile houses like Lecien, Cosmo, and Kokka. Because they’re a wholesaler, however, I have to spend a minimum of $150 per order. And when I order fabrics coming from Japan, they only place orders during a small window, and it takes up to six months before my shipment comes in. Personally, I think it’s worth it. I have to buy by the bolt, and Japan textiles usually come in 12 yard bolts. I’m not limited to Japanese fabrics, however, and other textiles are available for a much faster time frame.


Sometimes, perhaps more often than not, new clients are a little shocked at my pricing. I have jumpskirts for sale on Etsy that are anywhere from $50 – $80, and there seems to be some confusion as to why custom garments are quoted to clients at anywhere from $100 – $200 (not including shipping). The pieces already for sale on Etsy are prototypes or samples, one-offs that I made for the fun of it, or just to develop a pattern that I’ve wanted to try for a while.

Custom garments are taking another person’s exact specifications, their style, their measurements for fit, all the design elements like fabric choices and lace trims, to bow or not to bow, scalloped skirt hems – these things are consulted with me, and take time to develop. I’m making something extra special just for you, to fit you as perfectly as I can with the information you give me, and the knowledge I have at my disposal that took many years of school and experience to acquire.

I am a seamstress, costume maker, draper, pattern drafter, and designer. You’re paying for my professionalism and my attention to detail. I could never compete with the low end market prices established by major global manufacturers. My pieces have more uniqueness and a soft finish. And no one will have anything exactly like the piece I make for you.

If you want to consider ordering a commission from me, I do accept payment plans via Paypal!


I have my own size chart that I go by. Many of the patterns I have are multi-size, but only within the Asian range of sizes. So that means that our American “M” is actually an “L” in my books. I have the ability to increase or decrease the sizes of any of my patterns. Here’s a general list of my sizes:

XS – Bust 32", Waist 24", Hip 34"

Small – Bust 34", Waist 26", Hip 36"

Medium – Bust 36", Waist 28", Hip 38"

Large – Bust 38", Waist 30", Hip 40"

XL – Bust 40", Waist 32", Hip 42"

It is the client’s responsibility to give me accurate measurements. Please be sure to use a soft tailor’s tape and take your measurements properly.

Feedback and Contact

To contact me regarding a potential commission of a garment, you can use the contact form on this website.

You can contact me via Etsy Conversations.

Read some feedback on my work here!

And check out my Facebook Page!

New in my Etsy Shop!

Alice Apron commission!

So I have this apron that I made, using the pattern found in the Gothic Lolita Bible #9 (for sale in my Etsy store) and I received a request for a custom commission. My client loved the design, but hoped for a longer skirt and a floral motif in the lace. Her party isn’t until the summer, so there was no hurry to finish. But she paid right away, so I thought to work on it right away and finish as soon as possible.

It’s kind of a funny design, and so I thought also to take pictures of my work to do a sort-of tutorial for it. Perhaps I will digitize the pattern to make it available, too.

Alice Apron GLB21-1Alice Apron GLB21-3Alice Apron GLB21-2

Finished product first!

So my client asked for a floral motif in lace instead of the treble symbol I usually use, and because the lace I found was a natural or off-white color, we matched it with some natural/beige cotton fabric I had. This ended up being a perfect decision because her dress will also have a natural/beige accent. I am very happy with the result. The skirt I made just a few inches longer. The original design has a 14” skirt, and so I made it 21” to cover the hem of a typical Lolita dress length. Voila!

Belle Floral Apron - Commission-2Belle Floral Apron - Commission-4Belle Floral Apron - Commission-1Belle Floral Apron - Commission-3

I have lots of lace choices, and so I showed her pictures of various lace that are about 10 – 15cm wide, and she chose this one. It happened to be the only natural/beige color of lace in the selection, which turned out to be perfect for her needs! I quite liked it myself, so I was happy to work with it.